How To Make A Gas Mask Bong In Minutes – The Easy Way!

Seeking to get substantial in a big hurry? Then you should know steps to make a bubblers! This effortless tutorial will walk you through the techniques required to make your gas mask bong using components it is likely you have being untruthful about your property.

4 Steps To Generate A Gas Mask Bong

Stage #01: Accumulate Your Resources:

You’ll want a plastic package, a dish, some duct tape, plus your marijuana.

Move #02: Minimize The Bottle By 50 %:

When you have your resources obtained, it’s time to get going on creating your bong. Step one would be to lower the plastic-type material bottle in half utilizing a sharp knife or couple of scissors. Use caution when performing this, as you don’t desire to cut oneself on the well-defined edges of the plastic-type material. Once the package is cut by 50 %, toss apart the top one half whilst keeping the bottom fifty percent – this is exactly what we’ll use to create our bong.

Step #03: Create A Pit Inside The Package:

Next, you must come up with a hole inside the bottle. This opening will be employed to retain the dish of your bong, so allow it to be adequate enough that the container can match snugly inside. Use a distinct knife or possibly a drill with this stage. If you’re utilizing a knife, take care not to lower your self around the well-defined ends from the plastic-type.

Step #04: Connect The Dish:

Now that you have a golf hole with your jar, it’s a chance to affix the container. First, get your duct tape and cover it across the hole’s edge to create a seal off. This will assist protect against any weed cigarette smoke from escaping. Next, insert the pan in the pit and utilize far more duct tape to safe it. Ultimately, guarantee the bowl is firmly linked thus it doesn’t lose when using your bong.


And that’s it! Congratulations, you realize how to create a gas mask bong. This straightforward tutorial enables you to build a fast and simple method of getting great in a rush. Thanks for looking at!